Logistics Coordinator

Job description

The NFG Logistics Manager will be responsible for managing the Global fresh product movements for NFG including trade compliance. The Logistics Manager will oversee global shipping, customs and documentation, air and ocean shipping, freight forwarding as well as daily client deliveries for NFG. Daily communications with the company’s distribution partners, customs brokers and freight forwarders. Internal communications with operations, commercial and finance departments. 

  • Understanding Route (POL, POD, TT, Transport Service Provider)
  • Shipping line(s) to be used during the program
  • Making sure all releases are made with notify party
  • Confirming the special conditions of the contract used for the route (Demurrage + Detention)
  • Understanding of variable costs (Plugin, Scanning, Others)
  • Entailing a contact list of the shipping line and service providers involved in a program
  • Planning arrivals on the tracking tool being used at that moment
  • Making sure containers are released in time
  • Planning trucks in time, before vessels arrive
  • Following up the releases of containers into the warehouses
  • Updating the sales team on availability date of the goods and potential delays daily
  • Exploring for new service providers: faster clearance, more efficient transport, cheaper service.
  • Maintaining a good relationship with service providers: trucking companies, clearing agents.
  • Coordinating quality inspections in accordance with clearance dates.
  • Following up on surveys caused by shipping issues: temperature failure, delays, force majeur issues.
  • Coordination of service providers between clearance warehouses and end customer: looije, cool control, cool packing, etc.
  • Ensuring invoicing by respective logistical service providers is done correctly.
  • Ensuring outtakes are correct with correct volumes, correct calibers, and correct pallets. Traceability needs to be intact.
  • Follow up the loading of customers or transport companies on a daily basis. (+Collect CMR's)
  • Updating Master File Pro proactively

Job requirements

  • At least some experience in international (import/export) logistics
  • Understanding of the supply chain process with the ability to understand impacts to ocean/air transportation and align activities accordingly
  • Ability to interact with people across multiple functional areas and across various levels within an organization
  • Strong ability to solve problems while also building relationships and strengthening our message of “TEAM”.
  • Solid communication skills with the ability to determine when & how to best communicate across the teams – both verbal and written skills are critical
  • Process improvement type of thinker
  • Proactive
  • Action-oriented with the ability to be flexible as needs of the business shift
  • Able to multi-task in a fast-paced environment
  • Effective in planning and managing project timelines