Quality Management

Job description

The NFG Quality Manager will be responsible to adapt a hands-on operational approach to ensure that the company’s products meet or exceed the quality standards required. The Quality Manager will also be responsible to develop and validate all processes, ensure accurate and timely documentation, and to provide leadership on quality assurance within the company. The main objective of this position is to ensure that the fruit received, packed, and dispatched is within the required specification (temperature, condition etc.).
Communications with the company’s distribution partners, customs brokers and freight forwarders. Internal communications with operations, commercial and finance departments. 

Job requirements

  • At least 3 years' experience in international fruit industry
  • Good understanding of Food Safety Principles
  • Understanding of the supply chain process with the ability to understand impacts to ocean/air transportation and align activities accordingly
  • Ability to interact with people across multiple functional areas and across various levels within an organization
  • Strong ability to solve problems while also building relationships and strengthening our message of “TEAM”.
  • Solid communication skills with the ability to determine when & how to best communicate across the teams – both verbal and written skills are critical
  • Process improvement type of thinker
  • Proactive
  • Action-oriented with the ability to be flexible as needs of the business shift
  • Able to multi-task in a fast-paced environment
  • Effective in planning and managing project timelines
  • Activities will include staying involved from container booking through delivery
  • Provide updates on containers and communicate as needed to internal customers


1- Checking Certifications for new programs and/or new suppliers and giving the green light from a validity point of view.
2- Managing current portfolio of growers and exporters: Making sure all necessary certifications are valid and updated before a program and during a program. Basically keeping an overview of certificates of active and passive suppliers.
3- Communicating with suppliers on lack of certifications and expired certifications.
4- Making sure all due diligence is in place: packaging certifications, residue analysis, water usage conformity, etc
5- Following up supplier declarations, making sure supplier declarations are sent in time and completed with its annexes.
6- Having clear product specifications including quality expectations, tolerance of defects, pesticide levels, packaging details, certification attributes.
7- Managing a residue analysis database to ensure analysis of suppliers are up to date and within specs.
8- Having constant updates of the weather conditions in origins, potential threats in terms of plagues or plant diseases, or weather related defects.
9- Giving feedback to the sales and sourcing team about quality of goods from different suppliers, potential risks, positive feedback and general statiscs about a supplier.
10- Conveying feedback of quality control outcomes to suppliers with comments: claims or no claims, feedback shall be always given and performance monitored.
11- Sending potential claims in due time and following up corrective measures to avoid these claims, in line with the sourcing department.
12- Keep an overview of claims per supplier and per source: quality peaks, best suppliers, predominant type of defects, weeks with more or less incidence of defects or issues.
13- Customer quality claims overview: keeping an overview of claims from suppliers to have a clear view of which customers claim when and why as a tool to choose customers and help future calculations/sales decisions.
14- Following up correct filing of all certifications related documents.
15- Ensuring guidelines of certifications are kept: IFS, BIO, Fairtrade, Global Gap.
16- Uploading quarterly reports: fairtrade.
17- Audit preparations: IFS, BIO, Fairtrade, Global Gap.
18- Ensuring invoicing by respective QM service providers is done correctly.